Royal House Thex

Good vs. Evil

Light vs. Dark

Love vs. Hate

Elf vs. Elf

Thex vs. Thex

Which side shall prevail?

Established when the first high elven king and queen were created, the royal house has a history filled with quest, romance, hate, adventure and intrigue.  The fate of the elven race has mirrorred the fate of the royal house, even gods have tried to impact the destiny taking interest in those with Thex surnames. 

With the reestablishment of Felwithe and Kelethin on the continent of Faydwer, the original Royal House is back on solid ground and growing once again.  King Tearis Thex of Felwithe, now rules the high elven Royal House, ever vigilant of the machinations of those who were once his light elf parents now ruling the Teir'Dal Empire.  Sitting on the throne in the heart of the Teir'dal Empire in Neriak are King Naythox Thex and Queen Cristianos Thex, but reconfigured into beings of hatred for the light elves by their evil god, Innoruk.  When Innoruk created the teir'dal, he did so from the bodies of Naythox and Cristianos, after they had been transformed into the first teir'dal.  The light side of the royal house views the dark side as a mockery of themselves created by Innoruk, while the dark side sees their own creation as a new more powerful elven race to fulfill it's destiny with the downfall of their light cousins.   Both sides are sworn enemies, attacking each other on sight, no matter what the odds. 

Which side do you fall into?  Light or Darkness?

Enter the light (Tearis) or the dark(Cristianos) below.

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Sequence in the history of the Royal House

* Tunare creates the first Koada'Dal (high elves), Naythox and Cristianos.

* From Naythox and Cristianos, Tunare creates the Koada'Dal and Feir'Dal races and establishes Naythox and Cristianos as the first king and queen of the Dal (all elvenkind). The Royal House of Thex officially established. 

* King Naythox forms the Koada'Vie (royal guard) and appoints Rygel Windstream as Commander.

* Cristianos bears a male child, Tearis.

* Prince Tearis named heir to the Thex throne.

* At Prince Tearis' engagement festival, the Prince of Hate holds the life of Tearis in his hands, taking Naythox and Cristianos in exchange for the life of their son.

* Tearis Thex crowned king of the Dal Kingdom.

* Innoruk tortures and evolves Naythox from a Koada'dal paladin into a Teir'dal warrior and Cristianos from a Koada'dal cleric into a Teir'dal necromancer on the Plane of Hate. (Royal Archives). 

* Innoruk creates the Teir'dal (dark elven) race from the bodies of Naythox and Cristianos.

* Innoruk establishes Naythox and Cristianos as king and queen of the Teir'dal.   Royal House Thex established for the Teir'dal, mirroring the same house for the Koada'Dal.

* Forest of Elddar begins to erode, eventually to be replaced  by what is today called the Ro desert.

* Takish-Hiz, capital of the Dal Empire ruled by King Tearis Thex falls, Thex mallet lost as Xanit K'Ven, the Teir'dal warlord leads the Teir'Dal Empire army conquoring the majority of Tunaria. 

* Seven Tears of Tunare are shed across Norrath. Prophecy of Tears issued by the clerics of Tunare. 

* Fleeing the Teir'Dal Empire forces, King Tearis Thex leaves Tunaria for Faydwer, locating the throne in Felwithe. Tearis rumored to have formed the Silent Watch, a group unhindered by the code of the Koada'Vie.

* Unkempt Druids, the betrayers in the fall of Takish-Hiz, are purportedly hunted down and nearly vanquished by the Silent Watch, a group of paladins of all races.

* Firiona Vie is born.  Galeth Veredeth secretly raises her in the Lesser Faydark.

* Firiona takes her place, as heir to the throne, by the side of King Tearis Thex in a joyous reunion."

* Princess Firiona disappears on the lost continent of Kunark. King Tearis orders Kunark outpost established and for Firiona Vie to be found.

Charter of the Royal House Thex

The Royal House of Thex (RHT) is for players interested in roleplay, pvp and powerleveling.  This guild exists on the Vallon Zek server, when race team pvp is the standard.  RHT has both light and dark team members, yet requires members within the same "guild" combat within the storyline set in the world of Norrath.   The roleplay extends into the guild channel, where members can exchange verbal barbs, raise challenges and coordinate daring clashes against each other.